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Our Thinking Ahead Keeps You Moving Ahead

Toro is an industry leader in innovation, as shown by our many unique products and more than 200 industry patents or firsts.

Toro’s innovations include such things as:

The Precision™ Series Spray Nozzles feature pressure compensation patented H²O Chip Technology which creates 200 cycles per second, oscillating streams that result in water droplets of consistent size and velocity and reduces water use.
The X-Flow valve in the 570XF spray head prevents any water loss if the nozzle is missing or the riser is broken.  Still an industry exclusive water saving feature!
Air-Foil Nozzle Technology and RapidSet™ arc adjustment on our new T5 Rotor to allow gentle, close-in watering
DBS™  Debris Bypass System on the new TPV Valve to ensure operation in dirty water
Glue Stop™  protection to prevent port clogging with cement on the slip TPV valve
TruJectory™ nozzle adjustment on our TR50XT Rotors
The next generation in controllers! With an intuitive interface and exclusive features for “smart” control, the new Toro® EVOLUTION® is an easy choice for residential and light-commercial applications.
Top arc indicator, high efficient nozzles, and a low flow model on the T7 Rotors
Active scrubbing mechanism (ACT™ System) of the P-220S valve ensures reliable operation even in dirty water applications

Through advanced research and technology, Toro continually introduces timely, practical, affordable ways for you to increase productivity, optimize resources and lower your costs.

At our unique research and testing headquarters in Riverside, California, Toro works hard every day to produce new innovations designed to make your job as a contractor easier. We even have a department called the Center for Advanced Turf Technology (CATT), which is solely dedicated to looking toward the future to develop cutting-edge turf and irrigation solutions.

Call 877.345.8676 to learn more about how Toro is propelling innovations into the irrigation industry.

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Precision™ Series nozzles
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570XF with X-Flow
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T5 Series Rotors
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TPV Valves
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